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Like the Waffle game, Money Movers is also a very hot game today. You play as one of two brothers trying to escape from prison in Money Movers. This game has a total of 20 levels, and there are different challenges in each level. Your goal as a player is to overcome these obstacles by pressing buttons, pulling levers, throwing and moving objects, and sometimes running away from other dangerous inhabitants of the prison.

The prison is not empty; on some levels, you have to fight with prisoners and guards who are always trying to prevent you from escaping. Two men with completely different bodies make up a pair of criminal brothers. The older brother can toss objects, but he is not as agile as the younger brother. Contrary to his big brother, the younger brother moves faster and can squeeze through tight spaces. To complete the levels and clear the path, you must use both characters because one can go where the other cannot. There are also many great and appealing games, such as waffle, squaredle, duotrigordle, and so on. Let's try it now!